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 Board Members/Officers

Emilie Dohleman, PE
Board Chair
Member, Professional Engineering Committee
Placitas, NM
Term Expiration: July 1, 2028

Maxine McReynolds, Esq., Public Member
Board Vice-Chair,
Member, Professional Surveying Committee
Los Alamos, NM
Term Expiration: August 8, 2026

John D. Wayne, PS
Board Secretary,
Member, Professional Surveying Committee
Aztec, NM
​Term Expiration: July 1, 2028

Ben Aragon, PS
Chair, Professional Surveying Committee
Albuquerque, NM
​Term Expiration: July 1, 2027

Elizabeth McNally, PE
​Chair, Professional Engineering Committee
Farmington, NM
Term Expiration: July 1, 2024

Karen Nichols, Public Member
Member, Professional Engineering Committee
Anthony, NM
Term Expiration: August 8, 2025

Ahmed Elaksher, PhD, PE/PS
Member, Professional Engineering Committee
Las Cruces, NM
Term Expiration: October 3, 2026

Robert Gromatzky, PS
Member, Professional Surveying Committee
Alamogordo, NM
​Term Expiration: April 5, 2027

Karl Tonander, PE
​Member, Professional Engineering Committee
Las Cruces, NM
​Term Expiration: July 1, 2024

Member, Professional Engineering Committee
-, NM
Term Expiration: –

Please do not contact the Board members regarding pending issues. To contact the Board office please visit the contact us page. 

Board Members will not engage in an ex parte communication designed to influence their action with respect to licensing or regulatory proceedings pending before or under consideration by the Board.