Engineering Disciplines

Applicants are required to state the discipline of engineering in which they will be testing. The discipline of engineering covered in the exam is the initial “Branch” noted in this roster. Licensees may apply for a second engineering discipline by filing a separate discipline application to be reviewed by the Board. Section 39.3.8 of the Administrative Code outlines the requirements.

NOTE: Although the Board licenses as “Professional Engineers” and not by engineering discipline, other governmental jurisdictions may require work to be performed by individuals who have qualified in a specific engineering discipline.

Licensee Roster

If you require a printed, or electronic, copy of the roster (and updates), they may be obtained by completing the following request form and submitting it to the Board office. There will be a cost associated to cover generating, printing, and handling.

You may also download the complete roster in a pdf format listed below. This roster will be updated quarterly, every three (3) months: January, April, July, and October.

Last Update: October 14, 2021

Roster Request Form

Note: Your request will not be processed until our office receives the 75.00 dollar records request fee. Please send a check, or money order, made out to NM BLPEPS.