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The Board of Licensure for Professional Engineers and Professional Surveyors (BLPEPS) is charged with administering the New Mexico Engineering and Surveying Practice Act and Rules and Regulations, including rules of conduct for licenses professional engineers and surveyors.  The Board investigates alleged violations of the Statute and Rules. 

The Board has no power to order restitution and does not establish or review costs for professional services.

The Board’s compliance officer is available to the public to receive complaints about individuals and to provide general guidance on the activities of the engineering and surveying profession in New Mexico.

  • The complaint is received and reviewed for jurisdiction, completeness, and evidence of a violation. The complaint is assigned a case number if it is deemed appropriate.
  • The Board’s Compliance Officer will send a confirmation letter to the complainant notifying receipt of the complaint.
  • A response from the Respondent(s) will be requested, upon initiating an investigation.
  • The Board’s Investigator will review the complaint for completeness, gathers information and communicates with the appropriate parties to determine what the violation(s) is (are). The Investigator prepares an internal report with a summary of the circumstances of the complaint and the investigation results.
  • The Investigator presents this report to the Boards respective committees: Professional Engineering Committee (PEC) or Professional Surveying Committee (PSC). The PEC and PSC reviews the cases and decides on specific action, be it dismissal or possible sanctions against the individual in accordance with the Board’s Statutes.
  • Investigations are confidential until formal final action is taken by the Board against a respondent, as per the New Mexico Engineering and Surveying Practice Act 61-23-12 B. (5).