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Expidited Path For Comity / Endorsement Applications Pursuant to 61-23-14.1 D.(3)


License As A Professional Engineer Through Comity / Endorsement


Comity / Endorsement Applications Supported by NCEES Records


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Reinstatement Of A Lapsed PE License


Expedited path for comity/endorsement applications pursuant to 61-23-14.1 d.(3)*

This section may be used as a checklist.
  • ​​​Professional Engineer Application.  List of Engineering Disciplines
  • $175.00 Application Fee (Only check or money order accepted for this transaction and must have an address listed on the check) (An additional license fee will apply once approved for licensure.)
  • Verification(s) of: 1) a current license from another jurisdiction of an active license for ten contiguous years immediately preceding application to New Mexico, and 2) completion of the PE Examination administered by NCEES.  All information must be included on the supplied Verification Form, or through the NCEES verification portal. Form(s) must be received by the board directly from the state board office. All verifications must be received by the board directly from the licensing jurisdictions.

*​ Applicants applying for structural engineering discipline please use the other methods above due to the  educational and experience requirements.  

New Mexico Practice Act 61-23-14.1 D. (3)

An applicant may be licensed by endorsement or comity if the applicant:

(3) is not applying for licensure in the structural discipline but is currently licensed as an engineer in another state, the District of Columbia, or a territory of the United States; provided that the applicant:

(a) has been actively licensed for the continuous ten years immediately preceding application to New Mexico;

(b) has not received any form of disciplinary action related to the practice of engineering or professional conduct from any jurisdiction within the five years preceding application to New Mexico; 

(c) has not had the applicant’s professional license suspended or revoked at any time from any jurisdiction; and

(d) has passed the principles and practice of engineering examination administered by the national council of examiners for engineering and surveying relevant to the discipline in which the applicant is seeking licensure.


  • Professional Engineer Application.  – complete only certain sections   List of Engineering Disciplines
  • $200.00 Application Fee (Only check or money order accepted for this transaction and must have an address listed on the check) (An additional license fee will apply once approved for licensure)

           NCEES Council Record

The NCEES Council Record contains all supporting documentation such as transcripts, reference letters, etc. in one packet. An applicant only needs to complete certain sections of the appropriate application and note in the other sections that a Council Record will be forthcoming. 

A Council Record labeled as a “Model Law Engineer” will reduce the time to process the application, Board review will still be required.

The Council Record establishes a permanent record that may be updated yearly and facilitates interstate licensing. This Record of an engineer’s licensure credentials and history will be electronically transmitted to the New Mexico Board at your request. [You must request this through NCEES; we cannot do this for you.] If you do not already have an NCEES Council Record contact NCEES to establish one at: or by calling (800) 250-3196. However, keep in mind that New Mexico, as each Board, still retains authority over the licensure decision.