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How to Get Licensed

Individuals may become licensed if they possess an approved four-year degree in the profession, have completed at least a four-year internship and have passed the required fundamentals (8 hr.) and the principles and practices (8 hr.) examinations. Engineers and surveyors licensed in other states may apply for licensure by comity or endorsement. However, additional examination(s), internship or education may be required to meet current licensing requirements in New Mexico if the initial out-of-state license is determined not to have been issued under equal or exceeding requirements as New Mexico had at the time of initial licensure.

A professional license in New Mexico allows engineers and surveyors to legally represent themselves to the public as engineers and surveyors.  Licensees can offer consulting engineering or surveying services to private and public entities.  Engineers can perform engineering design or construction on private and public works. Licensed engineers and surveyors are required to adhere to a code of professional conduct established by the Board.

Additional information is found in the New Mexico Engineering and Surveying Practice Act and the New Mexico Administrative Code. You may also contact the Board office at 505-476-4565.

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